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    Child development is the central concept in the development of our products. As development is important that a child has the opportunity to develop its talents and to use its creativity. Ref. Code:SES25033

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    a fantastic way of getting your child outdoors an introducing them to nature! This set of robust and well made, working binoculars are specifically designed for childre Ref. Code:SES25035

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    0.4L Water Bottle. Explore Field bottle with neoprene cover. Washable. Colorful. Good coverage of paints and dyes. Non toxic. Hypoallergenic. Pet friendly. Ref. Code:SES25036

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    The stylish flashlight " Explore" will become an indispensable attribute for conducting research in the dark. It can be a pocket lamp or a table lamp Ref. Code:SES25037

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    Camouflage Net is used by the Armed Forces to hide everything from servicemen to tents, tanks and even jets! This fun version for kids can be used for a large variety of activities Ref. Code:SES25038

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    The Secret Notes Set is an essential kit for any spy to communicate with your team without the other side being able to read the messages Write secret messages to your friends!Write secret notes with this fantastic set!Write with the clear pen your private message and it cannot be seen!Then color over it with the brown pen and as if by magic your original message appears!This fun set contains a 30 sheet note pad, an invisible pen and a brown pen. Ref. Code:SES25039

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    Roar! Travel back in time and learn about what dinosaurs were like when they roamed the earth by learning about their poo! Kids will love this fun and silly kit that helps them. Learn about how a dinosaurs diet would have affected their poos and compare herbivores with carnivores. Ref. Code:SES25043

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    This amazing set contains everything your little explorer need for your outdoor adventures.It includes a pair of binoculars, a compass, a flashlight and two glow sticks.Fun and easy to use, kids will love to unleash their creative side Ref. Code:SES25065

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    Get creative and learn through play by making your own Quicksand. Includes Plastic Toy Dinosaurs Ref. Code:SES25071

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    watch a tornado form before your very eyes. Easy to use with clear instructions enclosed. A great idea for a rainy day activity. Learn about the science behind tornados, learn through play. Ref. Code:SES25074

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    Herb garden plants 4 types of aromatic herbs in eco - friendly garden containers Ref. Code:SES25081

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    Wow, you can grow your own grass and bean plants with SES Explore! Fill the bottle with different coloured layers and add the seeds. See how much your plants have grown each day. Decorate your bottle with the stickers to make it look amazing. Did the beans grow? Plant them in the ground and start again! Ref. Code:SES25082

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