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  • AED 127.00

    Give Mr. face a happy, sad, angry or simply funny face! This wall hanging will introduce children to emotions, feelings and facial expressions. 22 easily detachable Velcro pieces. Ref. Code:110032

  • AED 222.60

    A game for learning to identify 10 different facial expressions and associate them with four real characters. Comprises 50 cards divided into 10 master-cards with illustrations of 10 expressions+ 40 photo cards of four people showing these 10 expressions. It includes an educational guide and container. Equipped with a self correcting system on the back. Ref. Code:20542

  • AED 154.00

    A game for describing emotions is the first step to starting to develop an emotional conscience, achieving greater self-control and managing to regulate emotions properly. the game consist of 10 basic emotions that guide our behaviour by means of expressions and gestures. It helps the children to name these emotions, classify the as pleasat or unpleasant, and put them in order according to their level of intensity. Designed and Developed by specialist in Emotional Intelligence. Ref. Code:20545

  • AED 289.00

    A game of association which uses the bingo system to learn how to differentiate and recognise the basic emotions, associating the image of each emotion with its corresponding sound. Ref. Code:20630

  • AED 270.90

    These handy, unbreakable mirrors are a fun way to develop awareness of expressions and self, as well as speech and language development! One side is a regular mirror; the other side is a “fun mirror” that warps reflections. Set of 6 non-glass mirrors. Ref. Code:3371

  • AED 202.65

    Build self-awareness! Students look at their reflections and then draw matching facial features. Great for About Me themed lessons. Set includes 4 mirrors. Ref. Code:3373

  • AED 288.75

    Encourage children to say what they see with this comprehensive Set of 200 yellow emoji dice with different expressions! Perfect for class use to reinforce language and social development. Made of soft foam. Dice come packaged in a retail storage Ref. Code:6367

  • AED 400.05

    Set of 6 hand puppets (four of which are reversible with two different faces) plus an MP3 CD containing a recording of 2 full stories with music and dialogue. Staging the stories with the hand puppets helps children to learn about emotions so they can recognize them in the future. The MP3 CD contains a script with the story texts and an educational guide of activities for working with the subject of emotions. Each story lasts approximately 10 minutes. The CD includes several languages as a support for teaching other languages. Ref. Code:64001

  • AED 173.00

    Children will enjoy this vivid purple hand held mirror with easy handles and the large mirror surface (240 x 138mm). Use for observation of reflection, self observation, role play and reflection and symmetry. Ref. Code:72086

  • AED 173.00

    Talking Tubes, one of our best selling products, can be used in any educational setting, both indoors and outdoors, to develop children’s communication, personal and social skills. The different sets can be used to communicate across a small distance, between rooms, across an outdoor area or even between the indoor and outdoor environments. The Talking Tube Set includes 2 handsets and 3 metres of strong yellow, hollow flexible tubing. Handsets simply plug into the ends of the tubing. Can be used inside or out. Strong plastic design . Can easily be washed clean after use. Set includes 2 handsets and 3 metres of tubing Ref. Code:73952

  • AED 520.00

    The ultimate conversation starter! Using the Telephone Exchange Set, children can build any network they want by simply plugging components together as required. Comprising 8 handsets (4 red, 4 blue) 3 x 3 Metre lengths and 12 x 1 Metre lengths of strong yellow, hollow flexible tubing, 6 in-line connectors and 6 ‘Y’ connectors to enable numerous networks to be made. The tubes all have rubber ends so the handsets and connectors can easily be pushed into place and removed as required. Set included 8 handsets (4 red, 4 blue) 3 x 3 Metre lengths and 12 x 1 Metre lengths of tubing Ref. Code:73956

  • AED 166.00

    There’s no better way to explore colours than with super-safe viewers even babies can use! 6 translucent viewers are all made of shatterproof acrylic with extra-chubby, easy-grip plastic handles. The set includes 2 each of 3 colours Ref. Code:DD657

  • AED 166.00

    Babies love to see their reflections in our extra-safe, shatterproof mirrors! Each features a chunky plastic handle that’s easy to grasp, plus a permanently encased mirror that won’t shatter or break! Ref. Code:DD659

  • AED 775.00

    Encourage Positive Choices and promote solide Character BUilding With theses Kid-Pleasing tunes! All 5 CDs Ref. Code:EB760X

  • AED 867.00

    Introduce the concept of feelings and emotions with these adorable soft- sewn dolls! Perfect for circle time or dramatic play, each play, each cloth doll features a permanently stitched expression that helps children recognize the emotions of others and learn to understand their own feelings. Best of all, the multi-ethnic dolls are completely machine-washable! L : 30.5 cm Ref. Code:FF704

  • AED 245.00

    A Set of 6 Trays showing the emotions we have all experienced, happy, angry, shocked, sad, scared and surprised. L / w: 30 x 20 cm Ref. Code:JJ425

  • AED 751.00

    Children need to follow the twig direction to turn the disc into the trunk. Weplay Tricky Tree is not only for enhancing the wrist ability but also training whole body movement. It also can help to develop children’s problem solving ability. Weplay Tricky Tree enhance body movement’s coordination, help children to learn different shapes and emotions, learn the special and directional concepts and develop the abilities of matching and logical thinking. L / w / h : 31 x 31 x 41 cm Ref. Code:KM0002

  • AED 345.00

    Encourage discussions about feelings with this cuddly doll. Use the hook and loop facial features to create 16 emotions on the doll’s face. This doll is an emotional superhero! Store the unused facial features on his cape. Press one button to hear a range of sounds relating to emotions. Press a second button to repeat the sound as you design the corresponding face. Ref. Code:R49591

  • AED 597.00

    Children learn how to cope with their feelings…with beautifully illustrated board books that foster social- emotional growth! Our collection includes 8 sturdy board books, each featuring simple language & expressive illustrations that make concepts easy for children to understand Ref. Code:RA709

  • AED 867.00

    With simple, reassuring language, plus expressive photos and illustrations, this collection helps children recognize a variety of emotions - and learn positive ways to express their own feelings! Each book focuses on a different topic- from feeling scared to being thankful-with inviting stories children will love to hear again & again. 12 paperback books. Ref. Code:RE437

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