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  • AED 21.00

    In sturdy plastic, This bucket ideal for sand and water play. Ref. Code:61336

  • AED 96.00

    Set of 8 pieces in sturdy colourful plastic, containing all the needed equipment for building sand castles, and making bricks from sand. Ideal for incredible sand play time. Ref. Code:9751K

  • AED 58.00 AED41.00

    Playing in the sandpit is even more fun if you paint the sand! Colour the boring sand a beautiful blue or pink colour with the sand paint by SES. You can create your own sand paradise with coloured figures. Also suitable for kinetic sand. Ref. Code:SES02211

  • AED 45.00 AED32.00

    Playing with floor chalks is now even better! Play Twist & Jump. With the colored floor chalks, fill the play area with drawings in different shapes. A person spins the wheel and assigns the jumps to the players. Jump on a color or shape. The first to cross the finish line wins! Ref. Code:SES02242

  • AED 74.00 AED52.00

    Have you ever seen a rocket launch close up? Now you can with SES Power rocket! Put the launching tablet into the tube and add some water. Put the tube in the rocket, place the rocket at a safe distance and the countdown begins. 3, 2, 1...Wow! You will see the rocket launch up to 5 metres high. Each tablet can be used several times. Have you used up all your launch tablets? There is a special Power rocket refill. The set includes astronaut safety glasses. Ref. Code:SES02246

  • AED 58.00 AED41.00

    Blowing bubbles isn’t what it used to be. You can make mega-sized bubbles using the handy tool and super strong soap solution. How big can you go? Hold the sticks together and dip the rope in the soap solution. Remove it again and pull the sticks apart carefully. You’ll now have a bubble. Walk backwards slowly and watch the bubble get bigger and bigger. Once its big enough, pull the sticks together again. The mega bubble will now start floating. See how far it flies! Blow softly and briefly against the large bubble (a short puff) and see if you can create a small bubble inside the large one. Ref. Code:SES02251

  • AED 53.00 AED38.00

    A safe and non-toxic bubble blowing liquid which produces “zillions” of great bubbles. Ref. Code:SES02256

  • AED 205.00 AED144.00

    It`s every kid`s dream: a slime fight! With the Slime battle blaster, you can shoot slime more than 10 metres! Simply fill the slime gun with the slippery green slime supplied. There`s enough for over 100 shots. Everybody ready? Shoot! The slime is safe and easy to wash out of fabrics. Refills available in fluorescent green (02273) and neon orange (02274). Ref. Code:SES02271

  • AED 116.00 AED82.00

    Creating slime is amazing! Do you want to make firm or slippery slime, with or without glitter, and blue, yellow or green? Whatever you do, it will always smell nice thanks to the fragrance, and all the ingredients are safe!|Borax-free Ref. Code:SES14201

  • AED 69.00 AED49.00

    Your own garden, who wouldn't want one! With this, you can grow your own fairy garden using the various fast-growing seeds and enclosed prints. Including 3 fertile soil tablets. So you don't need to go outside for soil. Ref. Code:SES14982

  • AED 37.00 AED26.00

    A must-have for all fans of nature and insects! A safe and fun way to look at insects in the jar and through the magnifying glass examine them closely. Ref. Code:SES25001

  • AED 105.00 AED74.00

    A must-have for all fans of nature and insects! A safe and fun way to look at insects in the jar and through the magnifying glass examine them closely. Ref. Code:SES25002

  • AED 58.00 AED41.00

    Get exploring with this fantastic periscope for kids! Spy on people or look over walls to see what is going on! A great way of exploring and observing undetected! Ref. Code:SES25004

  • AED 158.00 AED111.00

    A must-have for all fans of nature and insects! A safe and fun way to look at insects in the city and watch how they interact with each other. Ref. Code:SES25005

  • AED 74.00 AED52.00

    Pack of wood, waterproof glue/ varnish, brush, card with bird info and instructions. Real thick wood Birdhouse ( 21 x 16 cm) Attract 3 different kind of birds with the special openings Ref. Code:SES25007

  • AED 79.00 AED56.00

    Make a fantastic insect hotel for the garden. Assemble the wooden hotel and fill the rooms with different materials to attract different kinds of insects. Observe how they inhabit the hotel. Butterflies, bees, ladybirds, beetles and much more. All insects can stay in your hotel! Ref. Code:SES25008

  • AED 105.00 AED74.00

    Learn everything about how ants live; A fun and safe way to observe ants; You can use the hotel again and again by remelting the gel ( without ants) Ref. Code:SES25009

  • AED 94.00 AED66.00

    Measurement and registration of wind strength and direction, precipitation and temperature Ref. Code:SES25011

  • AED 129.00 AED91.00

    Dig you dinosaur! Learn some fun features of different dinosaurs and fossils. A must have for any dinosaur fan!. Use the safe and comfortable tools to carefully dig the glow in the dark dinosaurs Ref. Code:SES25027

  • AED 32.00 AED23.00

    a must have when in crisis, the sticks can be used to send out an SOS. Simply carry these light weight sticks with you and when needed just snap them to make them light up Ref. Code:SES25032

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