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  • AED 597.00

    Does a rubber ducky sink or float? What can a magnet pick up? What does a snake’s skin look like up close? Little ones discover the answers to these questions and more with a toddler-safe science center made especially for them! We’ve packed the center with tons of super-safe materials children will love to explore, giving them hands-on experience with essential science concepts from magnification and reflection to colour recognition. Center includes everything shown, for a total of 34 pieces; L: 24.13 cm long. Ref. Code:AA866

  • AED 2,023.00

    Students explore everything from light & colour to magnetism, weather, plant life & more…with a fully loaded science chest that couldn’t be easier to use! It has 4 drawers packed with hands-on supplies from eyedroppers & measuring cups to magnets, magnifiers, thermometers & much more. Best of all, you get 60 activity cards colour-coded to each drawer, so you can easily find the materials for each experiment. Students just follow the step-by-step instructions to explore physical science, earth & space science, and life science—hands on! L / w / h : 54.5 x 33 x 25 cm Ref. Code:DD128

  • AED 1,773.00

    The easy-access centre is filled with over 90 hands-on tools - from magnets and magnifiers to thermometers and mirrors! There are 12 of each top quality tool shown, so the whole class can participate in observations and experiments, all packed in a sturdy 40 cm chipboard chest with a labelled compartment for each tool. Ref. Code:LA425

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