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  • AED 5,588.00

    Acti-roll system is made up of three compact maxi-wheels that are very sturdy and wear- resistant in bright fun colours and with guaranteed safety. These 3 stackable, combinable pieces offer an infinite number of game possibilities for indoor or outdoor activities, in free play directed games. Semi-rigid Plastic material, Solid and stable. Washable and easy to maintain. Ref. Code:00177

  • AED 245.00

    Colourful hand-furnished finger puppets useful to develop early language, imaginative play and interactive story telling. An excellent way to increase cultural awareness in children. Finger puppets that you can also stick on felt boards. Can be used along with our finger puppet theatre. Ref. Code:12400K

  • AED 1,950.00

    Ready to use, water-based liquid poster paint that offers a great degree of control and opacity and can be diluted with water or mixed with PVA mediums for thicker impasto work, nontoxic to children and not harmful. FREE Dosage Stand with every 4 x 14 Basic Colour 1 L. Ref. Code:222001

  • AED 175.00

    Set composed of 1 roller Paint Tray, 5 Sponge Rollers, 3 Pattern Sponge Rollers, 5 Mini Rollers Pattern, 3 Pattern Mini Rollers, 6 Sponge Brushes. Ideal to start-up your roller Painting Station. Components in each kit may vary slightly subject to availability. Ref. Code:222002

  • AED 325.00

    These incredible painters work just like a rolling pin so children can roll out loads of cool shapes quickly and easily. Each sturdy plastic pin has die-cut foam patterns that leave a dazzling impression with every roll. Each of these 30 rolling pins has a different pattern and is 6 cm wide. Ref. Code:222003

  • AED 917.00

    These different construction games encourage children to develop fine motor skills and are a great kit for a classroom. Kit includes turtle, octopus, acrobats and clack bruco all teacher’s choice construction sets. Components also sold individually. Ref. Code:2220034

  • AED 825.00

    Assortment for class or club, ideal for crafting and colour discovery. 6 Big Sets + 4 Small Sets + 10 Colours Set Ref. Code:222004

  • AED 795.00

    Each of these packs has different themes in felt and attractive colours that is ideal for learning and discussion. Each set can also be sold individually. Components in each kit may vary slightly subject to availability. Ref. Code:2220040

  • AED 795.00

    Each of these packs has different themes in felt and attractive colours with the related detachable pieces that is ideal for learning and discussion A perfect product for helping children to understand the different themes, The Farm, Today’s Chart, Things we Ride, My House. Each Classroom chart can be sold individually. Ref. Code:2220042

  • AED 145.00

    Sets of 36 versatile plastic-made stencils, used to create great art-work. Ref. Code:222005

  • AED 1,475.00

    Sets of versatile plastic-made giant stencils, used to create great art-work, also is used as teacher resources to decorate classroom. Ref. Code:222006

  • AED 961.00

    Kit contains: 6 Weplay jumping / bouncing balls , 6 jumping sacks and 8 x skipping ropes. Contents colours may vary from picture. Ref. Code:2220081

  • AED 88.00

    Sets of 34 cutters suitable for clay, plasticine, and pastry comes in assorted colours and 6 different themes. Ref. Code:222010

  • AED 9,355.00

    These wonderful classroom furniture set includes 3 storage cabinets 4 tables in different shapes and 24 chairs. Components also sold separately. Ref. Code:2220100

  • AED 4,041.00

    Set of 6 pieces; 1 sofa, 1 chair,1 corner seat, 1 square shaped table, 12 floor cushions in attractive animal designs, made of quality heavy duty leather in attractive basic colours. One book Storage unit. Colours may vary from photo. Ref. Code:2220106

  • AED 8,534.00

    These wonderful toddlers classroom furniture set includes 28 Seats and 16 Tables in 4 different Shapes the shapes will form complete groups as shown. Colours will be chosen based on availability. Components also sold separately Ref. Code:2220107

  • AED 1,079.00

    Practical Solution for any Classroom, Set includes 2 x“12-bins” storage organisers, 6 x plastic transparent box with lid and lock, 6 x topic giant fabric bags. Colours will vary depending on availability. Components also sold separately. Ref. Code:2220108

  • AED 1,796.00

    A fantastic selection of starter construction toys for younger children. Our selection of early years construction toys are easy to use by young children. The selection includes linking construction toys, nesting construction toys, stacking construction toys. Preschool construction toys aid in the development of fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, language and numeracy skills and encourages creativity and imagination. Ref. Code:2220110

  • AED 784.00

    One uppercase alphabet board Alphabet board to help children familiarize with alphabet letters from a young age. One alphabet colouring stickers Set of 12 boards containing 430 stickers in black and white: 26 letters and 8 signs in 4-1 copies per sheet - half with nteriordesign to give ecorating ideas. Shapes and mounting suitable for colouring: Mat no slip paper for the felt pen, pastel, coloured pencil. Compact form to prevent tearing. One learning clock & learning writing toy: This two-side activity toy includes tracking maze with three different wooden blocks, a clock with moving hands, and 2 colourful rotatable gears for extra fun. Three toys combined in one with an easy-carry handle offers extra value. One loto game theme objects: A bingo game on the theme of everyday objects: school, the home,toys and vehicles. The box contains: 4 game boards and 24 illustrated card ounters Set of 2 cursive fingertip letters (uppercase & lowercase): Clever, practical equipment specially designed to encourage children to memorise writing strokes and recognise the different letters of the alphabet. Used as an activity support, a directory and a memory aid, can be used on its own or as an added extra, whatever the educational approach. Animemo memory game teaching to associate each animal with its food. To make up the pairs, they fite 2 corresponding pieces together and by feeding the animal, they keep it alive. This activity fosters expression and imagination, and can be used or extended with language activities. Component in each kit may vary slightly subject to availability. Ref. Code:2220162

  • AED 630.00

    Includes Sets of puzzles covering all the preschool themes of high quality solid beech wood. Also wooden cubes and vertical puzzles. Components also can be sold individually. Ref. Code:222030

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