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  • AED 944.00

    This set is ideal for encouraging creative play. Develops language and storytelling, and an understanding of shape and colour. The set includes 2 starter cards and a teacher’s booklet. The set explores ideas such as community, people and play. Also include number tiles for extended mathematical play. Ref. Code:LEG45001

  • AED 1,575.00

    Lots of preschoolers like to play with cars and trucks, and Tech Machines uses that love to inspire learning. Students can develop their fine motor, design, and problem-solving skills while simultaneously unleashing their creativity as they construct classic machines. Each lesson is designed to spark STEAM curiosity and drive math and science learning. KEY LEARNING VALUES Fine motor skills Problem-solving Engineering Ref. Code:LEG45002

  • AED 1,152.00

    Learning about farm life is an all-time favourite and this set provides everything children need to build a busy farm setting, including a sturdy barn, plenty of cute animals, a tractor, LEGO® DUPLO® figures and realistic farm tools, such as the bale hoist and pitchfork. The set is ideal for working on topics such as animal care, seasons and crops. Key learning values • Learning about life on a farm • Sorting and categorising • Learning about animal care • Learning about seasons, crops and growing • Understanding concepts of what-comes-from-what Ref. Code:LEG45007

  • AED 482.00

    21 LEGO DUPLO characters full of personality and with important roles to play in the community. The up-to-date figures allow children to explore gender, age and a huge variety of roles. The set also reflects the multicultural society in which we live. Key learning values • Exploring differences such as Gender, age and ethnicity • Developing an understanding of Different roles and community life Ref. Code:LEG45010

  • AED 405.00

    This super set is an ideal supplement to any LEGO® DUPLO® play theme and allows youngsters to recreate scenes that reflect today’s multicultural society. In this way children develop an awareness of cultural and generational differences, and begin to understand and respect that people have different needs, views, cultures and beliefs. Key learning values • Begin to understand and respect different genders, appearances, needs, views, cultures and beliefs • Have a sense of self as a member of different communities • Talk freely about home and community • Begin to use representation as a means to communicate Ref. Code:LEG45011

  • AED 636.00

    Provides appealing animals and plenty of bricks to make scenery, so youngsters can learn all about how different animals live and design the right settings and homes for each of them. Provides five themes: North America, Savannah, Jungle, Arctic Sea and River. Look out for the hippo and crocodile: their jaws open and shut! Key learning values • Exploring animal habitat and behaviour • Understanding relationships; mother and baby combinations • Sorting and classifying animals and behaviours Ref. Code:LEG45012

  • AED 578.00

    Build Me “Emotions” invites preschoolers to explore emotions and physical characteristics in a fun and engaging way. As children collaborate on a range of character building experiences, they recognize feelings and identify similarities and differences. Building cards provide support and inspiration so children can continue to build and rebuild characters again and again! Ref. Code:LEG45018

  • AED 482.00

    A useful addition to any LEGO® DUPLO® set. Includes extra building plates, and decorated and curved bricks – just what every young designer needs! Key learning values • Designing & making • Communicating ideas • Using fantasy and imagination Ref. Code:LEG45019

  • AED 443.00

    This set allows children to use their creative skills and make all sorts of life-like or imaginary figures, objects and buildings. Includes bricks in a lot of lively colours and different shapes and sizes. Ref. Code:LEG45020

  • AED 944.00

    Classic set for helping children push the limits of their imagination by creating fun urban environments in which to unleash their imaginations. The set includes special elements, such as windows, decorated bricks, car chassis and figures. Key learning values • Developing expressive language • Cooperating in groups • Using fantasy and imagination Ref. Code:LEG45021

  • AED 1,075.00

    STEAM Park builds on children’s natural curiosity and desire to create, explore, and investigate the world of early science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) through creative play. The possibilities are endless as they construct a park full of dynamic rides, fun games, and scenes using a special selection of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks. With every trip to STEAM Park, students expand their understanding of gears, motion, measurements, and problem solving in a fun and engaging way. KEY LEARNING VALUES Cause and effect and problem-solving Observing and describing Early math and science Developing imagination Role play and collaboration Ref. Code:LEG45024

  • AED 289.00

    Two large building plates – one red, one green – provide the perfect foundation for earning through play. Can be used with all kinds of LEGO DUPLO based products L / w : 38 x 38 cm Ref. Code:LEG9071

  • AED 1,137.00

    Children love to find out how things work, and this impressive set will help them explore their ideas – from investigating to constructing and testing. Use the inspiration cards to get the children’s imagination going. Key learning values • Exploring input and output • Experimenting with cause and effect • Exploring what if, how to, I wonder what happens if? • Exploring the concepts of positions and gravity Ref. Code:LEG9076

  • AED 1,550.00

    With 562 elements, this set lets students dream big and flex their creativity by building all sorts of environments and models. Along the way they’ll also build self-confidence and strengthen their skills as creators—while having fun! This set features illustrations of suggested models and other figures, and special elements to help kick-start students’ imaginations. KEY LEARNING VALUES Gross and fine motor skills Creativity and collaboration Shapes and colors Ref. Code:LEG9090

  • AED 1,021.00

    Classic set for helping children push the limits of their imagination by creating fun urban environments in which to unleash their imaginations. The set includes special elements, such as windows, decorated bricks, car chassis and figures. Key learning values • Developing expressive language • Cooperating in groups • Using fantasy and imagination Ref. Code:LEG9230

  • AED 289.00

    This set includes one grey 38x38 cm building plate, 2 green 25x25 cm building plates, and one blue 25x25 cm building plate. Let the blue represent the sea, the green grass, etc. Ref. Code:LEG9286

  • AED 1,040.00

    A set for exploring a variety of vehicles, their functions and how they help keep the community on the move. Build a bus, garbage truck, front loader, lorry with trailer or ice cream truck, and keep the community people busy! Features five double-sided inspiration cards packed with model and building ideas, and minifigures. Key learning values • Exploring different types of vehicles and transportation • Learning about community services • Investigating roles and responsibilities in community life Ref. Code:LEG9333

  • AED 1,538.00

    Set includes • 1 x LEG9333 Community Vehicles Set • 1 x LEG45010 Community People Set Ref. Code:LEG9333K

  • AED 1,195.00

    Students’ creativity can blast off to new heights as they use these bricks and special elements to construct unique buildings and vehicles! With projects aimed at exploring airports or more out-of-this-world locales on distant planets, this set encourages collaboration and helps speaking, listening, and fine motor skills soar. KEY LEARNING VALUES Exploring the world Fine motor skills Ref. Code:LEG9335

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