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  • AED 1,825.00

    The Spin Module has 2 strongrotating connectors, and ispacked with sensors such asRGB color sensor, rotationsensor, Ambient light sensors andmuchmore. Ref. Code:40000033

  • AED 183.00

    This is a wheel set with 2 wheelswhich will allow Fable to transform into almost any moveableobjectimaginable. Ref. Code:40000042

  • AED 150.00

    The castor wheel clicks on a little like a tail to stabilise Fable Spin. Simply clickyour castor wheel onto theSpin Module so it does nottilt, and spins smoothly. Ref. Code:40000043

  • AED 58.00

    This Accessory Adapterconnects all the smallaccessories, such as theMaze, Ball Stand, Fork andthe Phone Holders to theFable robot. Alsocompatible with LEGO. Ref. Code:40000045

  • AED 20.00

    The Maze is to be usedtogether with theaccessory adapter. Including 2 steel balls. Ref. Code:40000046

  • AED 15.00

    With the Ball Stand you can move a workpiece from one location to another. Just like apick-and-place. The Ball Standis to be used together withthe accessory adapter. Ref. Code:40000047

  • AED 170.00

    The 3xy Module is aconstruction module with3 magnetic couplings.With this module you canquickly build a robustlyconstructed robot in manydifferent configurations. Ref. Code:40000057

  • AED 130.00

    The 2x Module is aconstruction module with3 magnetic couplings.With this module you canquickly build a robustlyconstructed robot in manydifferent configurations. Ref. Code:40000058

  • AED 90.00

    Attach the Flex Phone Holderto give Fable a face. Thisholder is adjustable andallows you to angle thephone into almost any angle. Ref. Code:40000059

  • AED 15.00

    This fork allows youto program Fable to pickthings up, or hold items.This fork is used togetherwith the accessory adapter. Ref. Code:40000114

  • AED 30.00

    The plow snaps onto theconnector of the Spin Module.Use it as a snow plow, a bulldozer, or transform Fable intoa cleaning machine or ballcollector. Ref. Code:40000117

  • AED 23.00

    Attach the Phone Holderto give Fable a face. ThisPhone Holder angles up.To be used together withthe accessory adapter. Ref. Code:40000118

  • AED 18.00

    To use with Fable ThrowingSet and Fable Ball Stand.Package with 5 Ping Pongballs. Ref. Code:40000180

  • AED 20.00

    To use with Fable Maze.Package with 10 Metalballs. Ref. Code:40000181

  • AED 330.00

    The Fable Accessory Bundleis the perfect addition to theFable kits. It expands thepossibilities for morestudents to be creative atthe same time. Ref. Code:40000182

  • AED 675.00

    The Fable Construction Bundle gives you a lot ofconstruction possibilities.Your fantacy is the limit. Ref. Code:40000183

  • AED 100.00

    The Throwing Set is a fun wayto teach students in a numberof disciplines. The set includesa trowing arm and a table tennis ball. Ref. Code:40000184

  • AED 1,600.00

    The Fable Connect allows you to connect withyour classmates, family, or friends.The Fable Connect is the best alternative toactually being physically present yourself.The visitor is able to steer the robot around,which gives a unique freedom of movement,and a feeling of being included. Phone not included. Ref. Code:40000298

  • AED 550.00

    If you have purchased a Fable Connect, butalso want to be able to program it in FableBlockly and make all kinds of funny codes, youneed to get this kit.You will get the Fable Hub that is used for wirelessly sending the code from Fable Blockly to the robot. Ref. Code:40000309

  • AED 130.00

    If you alreade have a Fable Kit that contains aFable Spin module and want to upgrade oneor more modules so that they can be used asFable Connect this is the kit for you.With this kit you can upgrade one of yourexisting modules.Be aware that you also need to purchase a PROlicense to the Fable Connect PRO software. Ref. Code:40000310

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