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  • AED 331.80

    Ref. 0047 Get students thinking on their feet! Interactive, talking floor mat with crazy-fast quiz games makes learning math fun! Students listen to the equation, do the math, then step on the correct answer. The game gets faster as their scores get higher! Features 3 games with 2 skill levels that reinforce numbers, counting, addition and substraction up to the number 20. Diam: 81.25 cm Ref. Code:0047

  • AED 176.40

    Make maths meaningful with these sets of real-life Maths Comprehension problems. They provide a fantastic context to apply key maths skills to everyday situations and cover all key learning areas of maths which are colour-coded for ease of use. Presented in 60 engaging and progressively difficult fiction and non-fiction passages, children will gain essential practice of their maths skills in real-life problems. Presented on double sided write and wipe cards, children simply read the story and then answer the six multiple-choice questions on the reverse of the card. Includes a Teacher's Guide containing NC levels. Suitable for ages 8+. Ref. Code:0162

  • AED 146.00

    Set of 41 cards helping children improve their math skills with these wooden number cards. They contain the first digits from 1 to 9, the tens, the hundreds and the thousands from which children can combine to practice and develop their mathematical skills. L / w / h: 21 x 8 x 5 cm Ref. Code:02101

  • AED 262.00

    Set of 47 pieces. Strengthen math skills with this spindle box. Children can learn and understand numbers through practice in associating quantity and symbol for numbers 0 - 9. L/w/h : 52 x 22 x 7 cm Ref. Code:02103

  • AED 229.00

    Set of 103 pcs. For practicing multiplication skills. This set consists of a wooden board with a Set of number cards from 1- 100. It is very useful for teachers to teach children to observe & recognize the numbers. L / w / h: 29 x 29 x 1.5 cm Ref. Code:02119

  • AED 229.00

    Set of 103 pcs. This Set of a wooden board with a Set of number cards from 1 - 100. it is very useful for teachers to teach children to observe & recognize the numbers. L / w / h: 29 x 29 x 1.5 cm Ref. Code:02120

  • AED 331.80

    Teach probability skills using whole class instruction as well as individual and cooperative learning with this comprehensive kit. Featuring 195 individual pieces, the kit includes 24 double-sided, reproducible activity and teacher demonstration cards, with teaching notes and an answer key, nine different spinners, 40 assorted coins, four coloured number cubes, five polyhedral dice, six soft dot dice, six soft number dice and 20 red and yellow chips. Overhead components include three spinners, 52 playing cards, 20 red and yellow chips and two each, dot dice, number dice and coin dice. Ref. Code:0226

  • AED 238.35

    Engage young learners in fun addition, subtraction and fraction games with these brightly coloured dominoes. This convenient storage tub includes six complete sets of dominoes, each in a different colour for easy identification. Set of 168 dominoes in total. Includes Activity Guide Dominoes L / w : 1.5 x 2.5 cm Ref. Code:0287

  • AED 100.80

    Two sided boards provide 2.5 cm number squares from 1-100 on one side, with blank grid on the reverse. Illustrated book and accessories not included. L / w : 28 x 28 cm Ref. Code:0375

  • AED 319.20

    Get early learners active with this numbered floor mat! Children can develop a variety of early maths skills including number recognition and counting skills as they play on this 3.5m number line! Active play develops gross motor skills and encourages physical development. Features numbers 1-20. Durable and wipe-clean, maths-themed floor mat can be used time and time again. L / w: 600 x 30 cm Ref. Code:0420

  • AED 89.25

    Learning Resources Jumbo Numbers Stamps Set Of 33 Plastic & Rubber Teachers Kids. Ref. Code:0602

  • AED 268.00

    Set of 13 wooden pieces with numbers to strengthen math skills in learning teens. Children explore the numbers, and also learn the symbols for 11 - 19. L/w/h : 50.5 x 12.3 x 5.8 cm Ref. Code:06130

  • AED 268.00

    Set of 13 pieces. Build upon number concept to establish a solid foundation for work with tens boards. Children can understand easily about numbers ten to ninety-nine. L / w / h: 50.5 x 12.3 x 5.8 cm Ref. Code:06131

  • AED 328.00

    ooden set that will help children understand math concepts, such as addition, subtraction, greater, smaller, and equal to a number. Set of 33 pieces L/ w/ t : 46 x 17.5 x 2 cm Ref. Code:06243

  • AED 243.13

    These Laminated 120 Boards can help students strengthen their understanding of number relationships while building early math skills. This set of 10 laminated, write-and-wipe number boards are durable enough to provide years of use. Visual learners can develop math concepts like number identification, number order, counting, skip counting, odds, evens, addition, subtraction and rounding. Ref. Code:0877

  • AED 26.25

    Use these Plastic Base Ten manipulatives to engage students in concrete demonstrations of place value and base ten concepts. Each cube measures one square centimeter. Set of 100 cubes. Ages 6+ Ref. Code:0924

  • AED 75.60

    These plastic flats are ideal for small hands. They're also washable and durable. So you can use the for years of hands-on learning activities. Used to teach basic place value and base ten concepts. Includes 10 flats. Ref. Code:0926

  • AED 303.45

    A large floor number line for children to develop number awareness, sequencing and early addition/subtraction. L / w mat : 670 x 30 cm Ref. Code:0935

  • AED 100.80

    As place value becomes the essential method of teaching mathematical concepts, this set presents full resources & support for both teachers & pupil - at all levels. 121 plastic pieces easily attached to each other: 1 cube of 1000 10 pieces of 100, 10 bars of 10 & 100 cubes of 1. Ref. Code:1002

  • AED 48.30

    Wooden puzzle with knobs. Each finger is numbered and has the matching spot format underneath. L /w :/ t: 32.5 x 20 x 2.8 cm Ref. Code:10080

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