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  • AED 116.00

    A tub of 150 needles, in 3 assorted types, in colour coded wrapping. 50 are for cross-stitch, 50 for sewing felt etc, and 50 for embroidery. Ref. Code:02CV709

  • AED 550.00

    Save money when you buy a Pack of wool and 5 pairs of needles Ref. Code:02ED2047

  • AED 146.00

    Pack of 10 x 50 g of assorted coloured yarns in a variety of textures for weaving and craft projects. Ref. Code:02MM473

  • AED 289.00

    A great introduction to knitting and using yarns. This pack contains 4 chunky plastic knitting looms –sizes: 12, 17, 22 and 27 cm diameter. Includes 4 hooks and 4 yarn needles, plus full instructions. Ref. Code:02QW391

  • AED 212.00

    Quality craft felt in great value rolls, easy to store and to cut to whatever size is needed for the project at hand. Available in packs of 5 or 10 assorted colour rolls. L/w: 45 x 1m. Ref. Code:02QW393

  • AED 405.00

    Quality craft felt in great value rolls, easy to store and to cut to whatever size is needed for the project at hand. Available in packs of 5 or 10 assorted colour rolls. L/w: 45 x 1m. Ref. Code:02QW438

  • AED 289.00

    5 balls of different coloured wool, each ball is 100g and 100% acrylic. Ref. Code:02QW799

  • AED 58.00

    Wooden knitting needles. L: 20 / 35cm Ref. Code:02QW800

  • AED 262.00

    This hard wearing fabric is ideal for den making and display. L/w 150 cm x 3 m. Ref. Code:02TY873

  • AED 98.00

    Pack of 40 sheets of A4 size felt in assorted colours. Ref. Code:C2585

  • AED 175.00

    A classic classroom staple that is versatile for multiple projects and activities! Try stringing beads or hanging ornaments and small frames. Yarn also adds wonderful accents to masks, hats or paper bag puppets. Top quality, 4-ply 100% acrylic yarn . 12 flamboyant colours: black, blue, brown, green, lime, magenta, orange, purple, red, turquoise, white and yellow. Each skein is 140 meter and 75 grams Ref. Code:CHYARN

  • AED 69.00

    Pack of 250 assorted pre-cut felt shapes in various sizes and colours. L: 2.5cm. Ref. Code:ED208

  • AED 131.25

    Precut for ultimate convenience and ready for vibrant crafting! 10 eye-catching colours, 100 sheets and an unbelievable price make this Set of 15 cm x 23 cm felt sheets a value not to be missed. Felt is easy to cut and glue, making it an ideal material for a variety of projects. Create finger puppets. Perfect as a base for story pieces; use in your language curriculum. Ideal for making clothes for puppets. 100% polyester. Make our Easy Felt Sheets a part of your arts and crafts or language development area today. L/w: 23 x 15 cm Ref. Code:EZFELT

  • AED 250.00

    Single-thread mercerized cotton yarn. Includes 24 x 20g balls in assorted colours. Ref. Code:GH300

  • AED 262.00

    Soft, smooth faux silk fabric (100% polyester) in red, orange, green, blue, yellow, indigo and violet. Seven metres in total, one metre of each colour. w: 145cm. Ref. Code:GH302

  • AED 262.00

    Sumptuous sequin fabric. Four metres in total - one metre each of gold, red, silver and black. w: 98cm Ref. Code:GH303

  • AED 262.00

    An exciting collection of sensory fabrics for children to explore. Dull, shiny, soft, scratchy and fluffy textures, and more, are all included in this “touchy-feely” pack. Includes 26 pieces of fabric. Patterns and colours may vary from those illustrated. L/w: Largest 25cm x 1.5m, smallest 15 x 15cm. Ref. Code:MM284

  • AED 328.00

    Bright, pre-punched, reusable cards. Full instructions and 30 printed pattern grids included. Pack of 30. L/w: 15 x 10 cm. Ref. Code:MM296

  • AED 262.00

    Textured fabrics in assorted colours for children to explore and investigate. 26 pre-printed, self adhesive, adjective labels are provided to encourage discussion and description of the textures and for sorting and identification tasks. Includes 26 pieces of fabric, sizes vary according to material Patterns and colours may vary from those illustrated. Ref. Code:MM328

  • AED 343.00

    A fantastic selection of gorgeous, easy-drape fabrics for art, craft, textiles and display projects. Pack includes 6 pieces, Patterns and colours may vary from those illustrated. L/w: 1 x 1.5m Ref. Code:MM483

  • AED 108.00

    Great value packs of fabulous fabric squares perfect for use in a wide variety of art, design and textile projects. Ref. Code:QW439

  • AED 116.00

    Available in packs of bright, vibrant solid colours or fancy assorted patterns. Packs each include 25 squares, 23cm2. Ref. Code:QW440

  • AED 462.00

    Includes 8 pieces of fur fabric - red, yellow, orange, pink, navy, purple, green and black. Ref. Code:QW441

  • AED 462.00

    Includes 8 pieces of animal print fur fabric - cow, zebra, bee, ladybird, lamb, Dalmatian, tiger and leopard. Ref. Code:QW442

  • AED 33.00

    Child Friendly with rounded points and easy to thread L: 7cm Ref. Code:R5601

  • AED 108.00

    A colourful selection of decorativefabric shapes some sparkly, somesatin. Ref. Code:RT159

  • AED 146.00

    Pack of 36 x 100 m reels of polyester thread in assorted colours. Ref. Code:RT252

  • AED 69.00

    500 g of medium cotton string. A good general purpose string that can also be used as warp yarn when weaving. Approximate length 260 m. Ref. Code:RT65

  • AED 277.00

    6 reels of polyester ribbon in assorted colours. An extremely versatile ribbon as it can also be split into narrower widths. Colours may vary. Ref. Code:TY102

  • AED 96.00

    A 250g pack of fabric pieces in an assortment of colours, textures, patterns and sizes. Contents will vary. Ref. Code:TY234

  • AED 46.00

    Inexpensive pack of 40 binca strips that can be used to create bookmarks. 10 each of 4 different colours. Ref. Code:ZX537

  • AED 173.00

    This rugged, versatile fabric can be used for display, printing and den making. L/w: 137 cm x 5 m Ref. Code:ZX541

  • AED 108.00

    A 1kg pack of assorted dress fabric remnants. Fabric types, designs, lengths and colours will vary according to availability. Ref. Code:ZX542

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