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  • AED 108.00

    Great value packs of fabulous fabric squares perfect for use in a wide variety of art, design and textile projects. Ref. Code:QW439

  • AED 116.00

    Available in packs of bright, vibrant solid colours or fancy assorted patterns. Packs each include 25 squares, 23cm2. Ref. Code:QW440

  • AED 462.00

    Includes 8 pieces of fur fabric - red, yellow, orange, pink, navy, purple, green and black. Ref. Code:QW441

  • AED 462.00

    Includes 8 pieces of animal print fur fabric - cow, zebra, bee, ladybird, lamb, Dalmatian, tiger and leopard. Ref. Code:QW442

  • AED 33.00

    Child Friendly with rounded points and easy to thread L: 7cm Ref. Code:R5601

  • AED 108.00

    A colourful selection of decorativefabric shapes some sparkly, somesatin. Ref. Code:RT159

  • AED 146.00

    Pack of 36 x 100 m reels of polyester thread in assorted colours. Ref. Code:RT252

  • AED 69.00

    500 g of medium cotton string. A good general purpose string that can also be used as warp yarn when weaving. Approximate length 260 m. Ref. Code:RT65

  • AED 277.00

    6 reels of polyester ribbon in assorted colours. An extremely versatile ribbon as it can also be split into narrower widths. Colours may vary. Ref. Code:TY102

  • AED 96.00

    A 250g pack of fabric pieces in an assortment of colours, textures, patterns and sizes. Contents will vary. Ref. Code:TY234

  • AED 46.00

    Inexpensive pack of 40 binca strips that can be used to create bookmarks. 10 each of 4 different colours. Ref. Code:ZX537

  • AED 173.00

    This rugged, versatile fabric can be used for display, printing and den making. L/w: 137 cm x 5 m Ref. Code:ZX541

  • AED 108.00

    A 1kg pack of assorted dress fabric remnants. Fabric types, designs, lengths and colours will vary according to availability. Ref. Code:ZX542

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