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  • AED 99.75

    Perfect for big craft projects! Pack of 100 large wooden lolly sticks in assorted bright colours. L/w: 15 x 2 cm. Ref. Code:CHCTD

  • AED 99.75

    Fun, colourful wooden beads painted with pretty daisies. 1 cm in diameter with 3 mm lacing hole. Approximately 770 beads. 225 g. Ref. Code:CHDAISY

  • AED 120.75

    Brown papier-mache frames, a 3,2 cm frame surface, a hanging wall loop and an acrylic picture cover. L/w(Frames): 17 x 12 cm L/w(picture area): 11.5 x 6.5 cm Ref. Code:CHDECFRM

  • AED 26.25

    Assorted Colourful feathers add a distictive impression to your next piece of art and craft project. 28 g L: 10 cm Ref. Code:CHDUCKOZ

  • AED 47.25

    It’s not a stretch to find the perfect beading material! This stretchy, white elastic is 1.5 mm thick and great for making necklaces and bracelets with pony beads, tri beads, alphabet beads and more! Ref. Code:CHELASCO

  • AED 36.75

    Colourful variety Pack of butterflies, dragonflies, hearts and flowers add a cheerful touch to cards, notebooks and collage art. Large package is handy for multiple crafts and classroom projects. Easy to glue and stick. Helps build fine motor skills. 10 assorted bright colours: blue, green, light blue, lime green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. L: 1.5 - 4.5 cm Ref. Code:CHFFHB

  • AED 68.25

    Waive ‘em high! These white canvas flags are perfect for team spirit, holidays and personal designs. Also a wonderful opportunity to design and learn about flags from different countries. Great with Bio-Colour®, tempera, puffy paint or fabric paint pens. L/w: 15 x 10 cm Ref. Code:CHFLAGS

  • AED 36.75

    A forest of colours comes to to life. Create colourful trees and designs for every season. Assorted colours: Brown, green, lime green, orange, red, and yellow. Assorted sizes, 3 cm to 5 cm Ref. Code:CHFOAMLE

  • AED 135.00

    This Pack offers excellent value for money and includes a wealth of foam shapes and sheets for a range of creative activities. 940 pieces in total Ref. Code:CHFOAMPA

  • AED 103.95

    Don’t be fooled! Our 450 grams of Foam is filled with big, easy-to-use, colourful pieces. We don’t use small “filler” pieces to pad this pack. Pieces are easy to glue and great for collage, mosaic and sorting activities. The 450 gram bag contains approximately 4,475 pieces in 5 shapes and assorted sizes, ranging from 1,25 cm to over 5 cm. Buy in bulk and save. Does not contain latex Ref. Code:CHFOAMRU

  • AED 99.75

    Adding a touch of glam has never been so easy or so fabulous. Tape features 5 rows of gems and tape can be cut to size. It’s easy to add glitz to any craft by simply pulling the backing off and sticking rhinestone on your favourite craft. 6 brilliant colours: blue, green, pink, purple, red, and yellow. L/w: 100 x 1.5 cm Ref. Code:CHGLAMRO

  • AED 50.00

    Add a little sparkle to craft time! These glitter foam shapes give extra dimension to creative projects. Easy to glue. Adheres to many surfaces. Great for collage or scrapbooking. Decorate notebooks, picture frames, treasure boxes. Builds fine motor skills. Assorted colours: blue, hot pink, lime green, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow. L: Assorted 1cm to 5 cm Ref. Code:CHGLIMME

  • AED 47.25

    Make arts and crafts projects sparkle with our glitter pom-poms! Cute characters or dazzling 3-D collages, the creative possibilities are endless with this large Pack of 300 pieces, Helps develop fine motor skills and manual dexterity. Assorted colours: blue, light blue, orange, green, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow . Includes: 140 pieces of 1.5 cm 90 pieces of 2 cm 40 pieces of 2.5 cm 30 pieces of 3 cm Ref. Code:CHGPOM

  • AED 10.50

    Bright flower and heart shapes in assorted colours and sizes. 150 Pieces. Does not contain latex. L/w: 1.25 x 2.50 cm Ref. Code:CHHFFOSH

  • AED 65.00

    Easy to build, enjoyable to decorate! Crafted of natural wood. Set of 12 model airplanes, 3 pieces each: body, wings and tail. Wings slide into center slot and tail inserts into the back of the body. Intended for decorative use only. L/w (Finished planes): 22 x 6 cm Ref. Code:CHJETSET

  • AED 19.95

    See things in a googly way! wiggly eyes are easy to use and come in assorted sizes ranging. Use to decorate foam animal shapes, puppets, posters and drawings. The variety will provide hours of amusing activities and is a great value. Give your project personality and a new “look”. Watch your art come to life. Encourages creativity and self-expression Ref. Code:CHJWE

  • AED 45.00

    Assorted colour Indian quill feathers, each 30cm long. Ideal for collage and crafts- make an Indian head dress or a beautiful bird collage. Pack of 24 feathers. Ref. Code:CHLGQUIL

  • AED 131.25

    Add some glamour to your arts and crafts projects! These giant-sized rhinestones will make your arts and crafts projects dazzle in a big way. Assorted shapes and colours with easy- to-glue flat backs. Approx. 700 pieces. L: 1.5 - 2.5 cm. Ref. Code:CHLIBERA

  • AED 103.95

    A project that’s just blooming with creativity! These durable, papier-mâché pots make great gifts and are so easy to decorate with paint, marker, crayon and collage. For use with real plants, protect your pot by lining it with a plastic bag before use L/w: 10 x 8 cm Ref. Code:CHMACHEP

  • AED 194.25

    Kid-size trays are easy for children to manage and carry. Use as a painting tray or for collage projects, beading and more. Smooth surface with a handy 1,6 cm edge to keep items on tray. 2 each of 6 bright colours: blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow. Excellent for counting, sorting and distributing projects. Helpful for organizing arts and crafts and school supplies. Cleans with soap and water. Stackable for convenient storage. Ref. Code:CHMTRAY

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