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  • AED 19.00

    Glue based on natural components, solvant free, and gluten free. Complies with European safety standard for finger EN 71-7. Extra safe for a bittering agent. easy to apply by finger or by using a brush or a spatula. easily washable from most fabrics at 40 degrees. Washes easily from the skin. Ref. Code:HAV10605

  • AED 127.00

    Top quality glue stick. Solvent free, and gluten free. Clean & quick drying. Easily washable from most fabrics at 40 degrees. Washes easily from the skin. Comes in a box of 12 glue stick of 22g Ref. Code:HAV12005

  • AED 199.00

    Get a super-strong hold with this water-soluble glue that sets quickly and dries clear. Safe for all ages, it is nontoxic, washes easily off hands and clothes, and is harmless if swallowed. Glue comes in unbreakable plastic bottles. Ref. Code:HH144

  • AED 175.00

    These blank white puzzles are perfect for use with acrylic paint. Paint a design and allow to dry. Break pieces apart and challenge friends to complete the puzzle to discover your “secret” design. White matte cardboard can be coloured with crayons, watercolours, or markers. 36 pieces per puzzle. 24 puzzles in a set. L/ w (piece): 4 x 5 cm, L/ w (Finished puzzle): 25 x 17 cm Ref. Code:LARCOM

  • AED 155.00

    Add pop star sparkle to craft activities! Individual glitter jars are easy to open and close. Easy-to- shake jars. 2 each of 6 neon colours: blue, green, orange, pink, purple and yellow. Each jar holds 20 g of glitter G L/ diam: 6 x 2.3 cm Ref. Code:LAUPER

  • AED 285.00

    A versatile project kit, with which children can create characters or make self portraits.Pack of 24 card people in 12 colours, plus felt outfits, craft hair, wiggly eyes, spangles, sequins, glue, craft sticks and much more. Ref. Code:LC170

  • AED 324.00

    Foam hats that can be used as masks comes in 8 delightful designs to be assembled by children for an ultimate fun experience. These Hats are ideal for craft time easy to assemble and neat collage activity. Ref. Code:LEE6264K

  • AED 175.00

    Children will get carried away decorating their own special tote bags! Use fabric paint pens or other paints to personalize these totes to make lunch or snack bags, purses, mini book bags and more! Set of 12 white canvas bag with coloured handles. Paint sold separately. L/w: 21 x 21 cm L/w (mini) : 15 x 14 cm Ref. Code:LILTOTE

  • AED 125.00

    These extra long craft rolls make projects extra cool! Perfect for crafting rocket Ships, castles telescopes or even totem poles - your imagination is your only limit! Made from sturdy recucled cardboard. Natural brown colour. L/w (roll): 28 x 4 cm Ref. Code:LONGROLL

  • AED 46.00

    A 50g tub of Easter themed sequins. Ref. Code:MM27D

  • AED 46.00

    A 50g tub of spooky sequins. Ref. Code:MM27F

  • AED 58.00

    A 100 g tub of Christmas shape sequins including snowman, Santa, tree, candle, sleigh, bell, star, moon and snowflake. Particularly effective on cards. Ref. Code:MM382

  • AED 73.00

    Pack of 12 papier mache boxes ready todecorate. 2 each of heart, oval, square, circle, hexagon and rectangle. Ref. Code:MM395

  • AED 46.00

    Tactile and versatile wood shavings in assorted bright colours. 100g bag. Ref. Code:MM53

  • AED 39.00

    Small wood chips in 5 assorted colours. Supplied in individual colour bags, 100g in total. Ref. Code:MM83

  • AED 27.00

    Metallic foil squares in assorted colours. 100g bag Ref. Code:MM91

  • AED 116.00

    Metallic foil squares in assorted colours. 100g bag Ref. Code:MM91UL

  • AED 208.95

    L/w: 20 x 2.5cm Ref. Code:NJUMBO

  • AED 36.75

    Shimmering strands of iridescent film that are ideal for wintry, aquatic or fantastical creations. Big 170 g pack. Ref. Code:OGLI

  • AED 235.00

    Hats off to creativity with these painter’s caps! Use fabric paint to decorate your own unique cap. Set of 12 white cotton caps with elastic bands and hard bills. fits most children and adults. Paint is not included. L (Headband): 55 to 60 cm Ref. Code:PCAPS

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