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  • AED 344.40

    Students will find it easier to measure long distances with this sturdy plastic trundle wheel. Counting “clicker” clicks with each metre, so children see and hear the measurement. Nonslip rubber tyres provide an accurate reading. L: 92 cm Ref. Code:0343

  • AED 99.00

    Like the pros use, but kid-friendly, our Big-Digit Stopwatch makes telling and measuring time easy to comprehend. Features include 0.01 second increments with calendar/date display and an alarm with hour chime/snooze setting. Perfect for sports. Ref. Code:0525

  • AED 238.35

    Teach mass measurement with this durable plastic balance. Features detachable 1000 ml buckets for easy clean-up. Sliding compensator for zero adjustments allow accurate measurement. The set includes 5 each of 5g and 10g Hexagram weights. L/ w/h: 62 x 21 x 35 cm. Ref. Code:0897

  • AED 185.00

    By turning the dial, 6 alternative faces appear: 24 hour, roman numerals, minutes, words, fractions & there is even a blank space to write on! The internally sprung hands move independently so that time before and after the hour can be shown without the hour hand moving? Can be wall- mounted or used with the desk-top stand ? Complete with product guide. h: 40 cm square. Ref. Code:091759

  • AED 75.00

    This Set of three stamps includes one stamp with hour marks, one stamp with five minute divisions and one stamp with minute divisions. Each stamp measures 5.5 cm square. Ref. Code:099

  • AED 200.55

    An excellent primary or upper elementary school balance for accurately determining the mass of solids and liquids. This durable and accurate plastic balance has an easy zero adjustment, clear graduated 1 litre buckets with lids, 14 stackable weights (2 x 20g, 4 x 10g and 8 x 5g), 11 metal weights (1 x 50g, 2 x 20g, 2 x 10g, 2 x 5g, 2 x 2g and 2 x 1g). L / w : 47 x 14.5 cm Ref. Code:1054

  • AED 40.95

    Set composed of 11 weights, most useful for youngsters. They are very a curate & stack to build larger weights (50 g x 1), (20g x 2), (10g x 2), (5g x 2),(2g x 2),(1g x 2). Ref. Code:1054M

  • AED 80.85

    Set composed of 11 weights, most useful for youngsters. They are very a curate & stack to build larger weights (50 g x 1), (20g x 2), (10g x 2), (5g x 2),(2g x 2),(1g x 2). Ref. Code:1054P

  • AED 24.15

    This student clock measures 14 cm in diameter and clearly shows 60 minutes and 24 hours. It is simple to read and use, making it perfect for student use. The clock comes with a fixed support on the back. Diam : 14 cm Ref. Code:1190P

  • AED 202.65

    This set can be filled with both liquids and solids. Graduated, clear containers help demonstrate the relationship between volume, mass and shape. Set of six containers includes 2 triangular containers, two circular containers and two rectangular containers. Two of the containers will hold 1 litre, tree will hold 500 ml and one will hold 250ml. All of the plastic containers measure 11 cm in height. Ref. Code:1206

  • AED 331.80

    Familiar containers help students identify common liquid capacities. Supports life-skills activities, science experiments, classroom demonstration and individual exploration of liquid measurements and related topics, Includes gallon, half-gallon, quart, pint and cup pieces resembling household containers that students recognize, Features clear markings of equivalencies, Provides Activity Guide with conversion tables, 5-Piece set is made of sturdy plastic. Ref. Code:1207

  • AED 262.50

    This Set of graduated measuring bottles can be filled with both liquids and solids. Clear containers help demonstrate the relationship between volume, mass and shape. Set of four bottles of different sizes. The sealable bottles will hold 2 litre, 1 litre, 500ml and 250ml. Ref. Code:1307

  • AED 46.00

    Measures most shapes from 1mm to 30 cm by simply reading measurements through a single viewing window. Designed for calculating areas and volumes. Able to measure depth, width and diameter. Ref. Code:139759

  • AED 89.25

    Sturdy plastic, calibrated calibrat ed in grams and ounces. Promotes estimation and measurement skills. Zero adjustment dial for accuracy. Features 1000 g capacity. Ref. Code:2016

  • AED 140.00

    This set encourages an understanding of value and weights. For example, 7 + 3 in one bucket is equal to 10 in the other. L / w : 7.5 x 5 cm Ref. Code:2049

  • AED 74.55

    This colourful wooden clock with movable hands is a great way to help children tell the time. Includes 48 cards showing various times, including the hour, half hour, quarter to and quarter past the hour. L / w / h: 21 x 14.5 x 33.5 cm. Ref. Code:21085

  • AED 277.00

    Durable polypropylene cylinders come in calibrations of 10 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre capacities. Ref. Code:2906

  • AED 210.00

    Segmented time line even helps students understand that elapsed time can begin in the PM and end in the AM. Removable guide numbers support differentiation Includes 2 magnetic clocks with hands, 24-hour time line (4 segments), start and end time arrows, and removable guide numbers. Clocks L: 25.5 cm Ref. Code:2983

  • AED 319.20

    Accurate to the minute and featuring an AM/PM digital display window, these interactive clocks teach both analogue and digital time. Geared clock’s digital display window keeps track to the minute with the clock hands, helping students learn both methods of time keeping. In addition, clock teaches elapsed time. Hour hand will move accordingly if the minute hand is moved. Colour-coded hour and minute hands match the colour coded window shutters. Keep the window closed and test clock-reading skills. The junior version is great for individual student use. A guide is included. Teacher clock L / w : 37 x 40 cm Ref. Code:2996

  • AED 400.05

    Compact, heavy-duty scale features an easy-to-read digital display and mode button for quickly converting units of measure, including grams, pounds and ounces. Features 5000 g capacity and +-1g. Tare button allows weight measurement and discovery of item’s or substance’s container. Ref. Code:32016

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