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  • AED 221.00 AED155.00

    Learn realistic castle construction with this European building set. Mix your mortar and cast the bricks with the moulds provided, then assemble this classic medieval castle (complete with drawbridge). Non-toxic, mess free and safe for children to use. Fun and easy to do, kids will love unleashing their creative side!. Ref. Code:SES01674

  • AED 100.00 AED70.00

    It’s the coolest marble roller coaster ever! And you can build it yourself using cardboard with this set by SES. It's not difficult. Cut and fold the parts and stick them together. That's how you can build your own marble roller coaster with different loops, funnels and spirals. Includes clear instructions. The marble roller coaster has 4 routes. You never know which route the marble will choose. Which route is the quickest? Ref. Code:SES14503

  • AED 137.00 AED96.00

    With this wooden carpentry set by SES you can build a cool car from wooden parts, plugs and foam wheels. If you follow the instructions, it's not difficult. Use the hammer to join all the different parts together and then add the wheels. Then the car can really drive. Vrooom! Extra: build also a robot! Ref. Code:SES14586

  • AED 186.00 AED131.00

    Do you want to build your city? With the SES brick set you can do it! First, prepare the bricks with chalk. Pour the plaster into the molds. Leave to dry and then glue the bricks together. You can build a police station, a fire station and a railway station. Paint the constructions in imaginative colors and add the details. The characters included will be the inhabitants of the city. Ref. Code:SES14589

  • AED 163.00 AED115.00

    A fun and unusual arts and crafts set from SES Creative. Make a beautiful Unicorn with this high quality set which includes real wooden pieces. Decorate the wooden pieces with the bright paint and glitter (included) and then glue the pieces together to make a stunning 3d creation. Ref. Code:SES14859

  • AED 158.00 AED111.00

    Wooden Components in various shapes and sizes. It's easy to hammer the connecting pins into the blocks with the wooden hammer. Ref. Code:SES14946

  • AED 69.00 AED49.00

    Kids can learn how to build a Car Mectec Metal Construction Kit, providing them with a fun activity for them to build a great toy car. This wonderful kit is an excellent way of developing your child’s concentration, hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills as well as providing an excellent rainy or hot or hot day activity Ref. Code:SES14951

  • AED 48.00 AED34.00

    This wonderful kit is an excellent way of developing your child`s concentration, hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills as weel as providing an excellent rainy day activity Ref. Code:SES14952

  • AED 48.00 AED34.00

    make your own toy motorbike with this amazing construction set from MECTEC. The set contains all the pieces and tools necessary to build this amazing small toy motorbike. Ref. Code:SES14954

  • AED 48.00 AED34.00

    Metal components, metal nuts and bolts, screwdriver and spanner. Real metal nuts and bolts, including screwdriver and spanner. The metal components are pre-formed so that you can get started straight away Ref. Code:SES14955

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