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  • AED 79.00 AED56.00

    Stamp set to make endless mandalas. How creative can you be with the rubber mandala stamps and coloured pencils? There are 14 foam stamps with different patterns. Are you going to use 1 stamp design or combine various designs? Use the mandala mat to make the mandala perfectly round and ensure a fantastic result every time. Make the mandala drawing even more colourful using the supplied coloured pencils Ref. Code:SES14916

  • AED 63.00 AED45.00

    A fun stamp set by SES with a dinosaur theme. With the 11 different stamps and water-based ink, you can make beautiful drawings. Colour the dinosaurs with the pencils included. Has the ink dried out? You can reactivate it with a few drops of water. Ref. Code:SES14919

  • AED 100.00 AED70.00

    Real girls cannot do without a pretty dressing table. What if you make one yourself? This SES Dressing table is fun to make and you can decorate it however you want! Fold the different parts and stick them together. Then you can decorate your dressing table with glitter, diamonds and sequins. And of course, you need a mirror. Now you can neatly store all your jewellery and make up. Ref. Code:SES14921

  • AED 90.00 AED63.00

    Make a trendy light garland for your room. Make the colourful yarns wet in a mix with water and the included glue and wrap it around the balloons. Let it dry and it becomes hard. Now you have colourful light balls which you slip over eight warm-white LED lights. Really cosy in your room! With the enclosed mouth pump, you can inflate the balloons safely and easily. Ref. Code:SES14924

  • AED 100.00 AED70.00

    Could your bedroom use some cute decorations? Then make your own light up letter! It creates a cosy atmosphere and it's fun to do. This SES set includes everything you need to make a trendy light up letter. Cut the letters out, stick them next together and add the lights. Paint with your favourite colours. Includes string lights with 8 lights, excl. 2 AA batteries. Ref. Code:SES14928

  • AED 100.00 AED70.00

    Perfume bottles, ribbon, different fragrances, labels, pipette, measuring cup,Make your own perfume by mixing 3 different fragrances, Ref. Code:SES14929

  • AED 124.00 AED87.00

    Ref. Code:SES14933

  • AED 58.00 AED41.00

    You can make colorful pillow, Pre-printed cushion coverPaint is easy to wash from skin, Lots of fun and bright colours to use, A great childrens gift. Ref. Code:SES14934

  • AED 87.00 AED61.00

    Ref. Code:SES14935

  • AED 103.00 AED73.00

    make your own unique music box and paint it with your favourite colours. Ref. Code:SES14937

  • AED 63.00 AED45.00

    Drawing spirals has a new and improved look! With the spiral tool and pre-printed sheets from SES you can enjoy being creative. Complete the designs with beautiful spiral drawings. The set includes several wheels and a ten-colour pen. Ref. Code:SES14947

  • AED 95.00 AED67.00

    Girls love bathing, particularly with wonderful bath products. With this set from SES you can make your own fragrant fizzy bath tablets and coloured bath salts in all kinds of shapes! Follow the steps, let it dry and then you can actually use it in the bath! Ref. Code:SES14962

  • AED 78.00 AED55.00

    A fantastic and unusual activity set from SES toys. This kit contains everything your child needs to make their own shower gel (even make it sparkly!). Your child will love making the gel, coloring it and adding some glitter! Ref. Code:SES14971

  • AED 69.00 AED49.00

    This kit contains everything your child needs to make their own soap. A great idea for a rainy or hot or hot day activity, your child will love making the soap and then using it at bath time. Use them in your bathroom or them give as gifts, this high-quality product will be loved by all! Ref. Code:SES14972

  • AED 84.00 AED59.00

    Girly girls can't do without a jewellery box. That is why SES has a super fun set to decorate your own jewellery box! Decorate the wooden box however you like with paint, glitter, stickers and ribbon. Then you can place it in your bedroom to store all of your jewellery. Ref. Code:SES14973

  • AED 69.00 AED49.00

    A must-have for all little fashionistas! Never have boring nails again with this amazing set from SES toys. Decorate the set of false nails with paint, wraps and gems – stand out from the crowd! Fun and easy to use, the nails are also safe and easy to remove. A great idea for a gift or rainy or hot or hot day activity, this kit will help to develop hand-eye co-ordination in children. SES has been the specialist in creative toys for more than 40 years. Child development is the central concept in the development of our products. As development is important during the early years, it is important that a child has the opportunity to develop his or her talents and to use their creativity. Besides developing creativity, safety and quality are the most important aspects of all our products! The products we develop are essential to the different developmental stages of any child. Ref. Code:SES14975

  • AED 69.00 AED49.00

    Never want to have boring hair again? This set by SES is a must-have for fashionable girls. Decorate your hair with fun clips and pins that you have made yourself. For example, you can make glittery pins, clips with diamonds and hair ties with sequins. Take a look at the instructions or design your own hair jewellery. You are sure to steal the show with your hair! Ref. Code:SES14977

  • AED 69.00 AED49.00

    Your own garden, who wouldn't want one! With this, you can grow your own fairy garden using the various fast-growing seeds and enclosed prints. Including 3 fertile soil tablets. So you don't need to go outside for soil. Ref. Code:SES14982

  • AED 82.00 AED58.00

    Stand out from the crowd with your own personalised ballerina tutu! Make your own tutu-exactly how you like- and customise it to unleash your individual sense of style.Attach pretty pink and purple netting to the band and watch it move while you dance. Ref. Code:SES14985

  • AED 66.00 AED47.00

    Decorate your own hairbrush and mirror with this fabulous set. The set includes a plain mirror, hairbrush, six pots of paint, gems and a paint brush Ref. Code:SES14987

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