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  • AED 181.00

    These classroom-safe scissors are specially designed for little artists! The scissors feature smooth plastic blades that crisply cut through paper...but won’t let children cut through their hair or clothes! Scissors fit both righties and lefties, and come in red and blue. Ref. Code:GS454Z

  • AED 19.00

    Glue based on natural components, solvant free, and gluten free. Complies with European safety standard for finger EN 71-7. Extra safe for a bittering agent. easy to apply by finger or by using a brush or a spatula. easily washable from most fabrics at 40 degrees. Washes easily from the skin. Ref. Code:HAV10605

  • AED 127.00

    Top quality glue stick. Solvent free, and gluten free. Clean & quick drying. Easily washable from most fabrics at 40 degrees. Washes easily from the skin. Comes in a box of 12 glue stick of 22g Ref. Code:HAV12005

  • AED 199.00

    Get a super-strong hold with this water-soluble glue that sets quickly and dries clear. Safe for all ages, it is nontoxic, washes easily off hands and clothes, and is harmless if swallowed. Glue comes in unbreakable plastic bottles. Ref. Code:HH144

  • AED 2,975.00

    Inspire early learners to build on basic STEM concepts with our handy toolbox filled with everything kids need to invent and innovate! From gears and wheels to pipe stems and craft tubes, all the included items shown fit right inside. Plus, with 3 divided shelves, including a top shelf with 8 compartments, the wooden toolbox makes organizing materials a breeze…and the easy-grip handles provide convenient portability, so you can create a STEM learning environment anywhere! You get everything shown. Toolbox and individual packs also available separately below.L / w / h: 48.25 x 35 x 56 cm Ref. Code:LC790X

  • AED 135.00

    You get 40 foam blocks and 20 foam sheets. L /w (Sheets): 11.45 x 21.5 cm Ref. Code:LC799

  • AED 6,995.00

    Give students everything they need to put STEM skills into action as they invent, innovate and discover with our all-in-one mobile cart. Packed with everything listed below—from tools and tubes to gears and wood supplies—the sturdy metal cart creates an instant maker space anywhere. It even comes with 6 large and 8 small bins for easy organization…plus pegboards on the sides to keep tools within easy reach! Cart rolls on 4 casters. Easy assembly. Cart and individual packs also available separately below. L / w /h (Cart): 64.77 x 40 x 115 cm Ref. Code:LC935X

  • AED 725.00

    Our 18-piece set includes real-working tools and 2 safety goggles. L (Saw): 36.8 cm Ref. Code:LC938

  • AED 125.00

    You get 10 plastic foam sheets and 30 plastic foam cylinders. L /w (Sheets): 11.45 x 21.5 cm Ref. Code:LC942

  • AED 175.00

    You get 82 wood triangles, panels and planks, plus 6 sheets of sandpaper. L / w (Largest panel): 15.24 x 11.45 cm Ref. Code:LC943

  • AED 265.00

    Pack comes with 320 small, medium and large wooden dowels, plus 6 sheets of sandpaper. L (Largest dowel): 12.7 cm Ref. Code:LC944

  • AED 395.00

    The 40-piece set includes double “AA” battery packs, buzzers, DC motors and more. L largest piece: 5.7 cm Ref. Code:LC951

  • AED 125.00

    These extra long craft rolls make projects extra cool! Perfect for crafting rocket Ships, castles telescopes or even totem poles - your imagination is your only limit! Made from sturdy recucled cardboard. Natural brown colour. L/w (roll): 28 x 4 cm Ref. Code:LONGROLL

  • AED 46.00

    Tactile and versatile wood shavings in assorted bright colours. 100g bag. Ref. Code:MM53

  • AED 39.00

    Small wood chips in 5 assorted colours. Supplied in individual colour bags, 100g in total. Ref. Code:MM83

  • AED 208.95

    L/w: 20 x 2.5cm Ref. Code:NJUMBO

  • AED 88.00

    Pack of 75 strong card tubes. The tubes are in 3 sizes that fit inside each other. A very useful resource for Art and DT activities. Sizes: 3cm (external diameter) x 10cm, 3.5 x 15cm and 4 x 20cm. Ref. Code:PET2029

  • AED 36.00

    These traditional wooden pegs are ideal for making small dollsm animals or other figures. A great addition to a range of craft projects, den making and more. Pack of 10. L: 11 cm. Ref. Code:PET2262

  • AED 25.00

    Tactile and fun, these bendy, stretchy lengths of glittery tubes are great for craft projects, decoration, display and just for playing with! Pack of 4m lengths in 5 colours – 20 m in total. Ref. Code:PET2322

  • AED 85.00

    Original wooden shapes Set of stars, cats, butterfly, heart and house. Ideal for craft and as accessories to be decorated and glued on any surface. Pack of 24 of one design. L/w : 5 x 3.5 cm Ref. Code:PET363

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