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  • AED 193.00

    Multi-sensory tablet for developing pre-writing skills and eye-hand coordination through the creative representation of figures using touch. Inspired by the Montessori methodology. Set includes: 1 chalkboard, 1 Magnetic board for erasable felt-tip pen, 0.5 Kg of Sand, 3 Chalks, 1 Eraser & 1 Erasable Felt-tip Pen. Ref. Code:20616

  • AED 191.00

    This heavy-duty nylon pocket chart is ideal for use with sentence building activities. Supplied in assorted colours. Ref. Code:2206

  • AED 173.00

    This chart, comes complete with 31 date cards, seven day-of-the- week cards, 6 month cards and a Teaching Guide. Ref. Code:2210

  • AED 289.00

    Bright colours, engaging images and active learning make this pocket chart the fun way to practise letter and sound identification, word building, spelling and more. The chart has three clear pocket rows for card display, 26 letter pockets for activities and an extra storage pocket. Includes 156 picture cards (picture on one side, word on the other), 52 upper case and lower case letter cards, 4 blank cards and an activity guide. The chart is made of easy-to-clean nylon Ref. Code:2246

  • AED 289.00

    Joined by grommets at the top, double-sided chart is an ideal higher-order thinking tool. Provides effective graphic organizers for teaching any skill or subject, Feature 2 column chart for comparing and contrasting, sorting or making a T-chart, and 4 column chart for sorting and classifying, Contains 9 display pockets per chart each Offers plenty of storage space in 2 built-in pockets (1 on the back of each chart) Includes activity guide; cards and manipulatives are available separately. Nylon chart L / w: 95 x 75 cm Ref. Code:2382

  • AED 289.00

    This heavy duty, vinyl pocket chart includes pockets and pre-printed, double- sided cards for dates, days of the week, months, years, yesterday, today, tomorrow, holidays and celebrations, weather conditions and seasons—136 heavy- duty cards in all! Features storage pockets and metal grommets for hanging. Activity guide included. L / w : 112 x 78 cm Ref. Code:2418

  • AED 73.00

    Get more mileage out of your erasers! Racecar erasers glide easily, yet are magnetic, so they stick where you put them. Plus, colourful numbered cars(1-4) allow you to create a whiteboard game. Ref. Code:2693

  • AED 162.00

    Help children build their critical-thinking skills with this best seller! Speaker’s Box contains 86 wipe-clean cards to help build oral language, thinking skills and confidence with real-life photographs. The colour-coded cards focus on Decision Making, Describing a Picture, Things you like best and Giving Instructions. Children simply reach into the Speaker’s Box and pull out a card. They then need to follow the prompt on the card and complete the activity. 14 blank cards are included for your own customising. The Speaker’s Box will store all the cards when not in use. Includes activity guide. Ref. Code:3034

  • AED 162.00

    Includes over 150 engaging ideas! Features 86 double-sided prompt cards colour- coded by subject (language, math, science, social studies) with real-life photographs on front and writing prompts on reverse. Also includes 14 blank, write-on/wipe-off prompt cards. Prompts elicit responses to who, what, when, where, why and how questions and encourage different types of writing (creative, expository, informational and more). Cardboard cube displays writing traits and process steps. Ref. Code:3035

  • AED 123.00

    Inspire creative storytelling and writing! This easy-to-us flip chart is perfect for reinforcing what children have been learning during lessons ideal for independent learning at home or as an end of lesson activity! Full-colour writing prompts have been given a new look for 2017! Engaging literacy activity develops a variety of primary skills, Creative writing, Speech and language, Vocabulary, Understanding of the story structure, Description, Colourful story writing chart features 15 prompts for all key elements of storytelling: Who, What, Where, When and How, Double-sided chart features real-life photography on one side and unique phrases on the other, Each section includes a blank card for customising, Endless combinations encourage children to write a new story every time! Ideal solo and group activity, Includes Teacher’s guide Ref. Code:3037

  • AED 135.00

    Children Learn essential reading skills while they are playing with these simple yet wonderful puzzles. L/ w / h: 33 x 18 x 4.7cm Ref. Code:32025

  • AED 123.00

    Write & wipe magnetic strips are already line–ruled—a huge time–saver! Practical strips cling to any whiteboard or magnetic surface. Supports small–group sentence building and writing activities when you hand the strips out separately—then bring students and their strips together for whole–class work. Repositions easily great for demonstrating sequencing options or recapping order of events. Reinforces handwriting skills with traditional ruled lines. Encourages «green» living, thanks to the write & wipe surface that cleans easily with a dry or damp cloth. Ref. Code:3232

  • AED 224.00

    Save time and resources with this giant size version of student paper. Models sentences, paragraphs, outlines, paper headings, note-taking, business or personal letters and more. Durable write-on/wipe-off surface works with wet-erase markers. Strong backing sticks firmly to magnetic white boards. Ref. Code:3236

  • AED 215.00

    Now there’s no need to waste chart paper or draw handwriting lines - just write, wipe and reuse! Model handwriting, sentences and stories. Strong backing sticks firmly to magnetic whiteboards. Durable write-on/wipe-off surface works with wet-erase markers. L / w: 70 x 55 cm Ref. Code:3237

  • AED 85.00

    rewritable dice set is a set of three rewrite BLE dice with an erasable felt-tip pen for working on all kind of concepts. Akros goal has been to make the very most of the educational values that we have conveyed over all these years to children in more than 50 different countries, and to continue creating and developing, in collaboration with teachers and skills development professionals, specialist products that facilitate a well-rounded education for young children. Ref. Code:33103

  • AED 212.00

    Colourfully designed journals are perfect for a variety of writing assignments. Students will also take great pride in recording their work in their very own journal. Each journal features helpful information for both students and teachers. With a durable cover, and include plenty of room for story illustrations! The inside cover provides definitions for the parts of speech, a list of commonly misspelled words and 100 high-frequency words. 64 lined pages. Ref. Code:3467

  • AED 162.00

    This two-side activity toy includes tracking maze with three different wooden blocks, a clock With moving hands, and 2 colourful rotatable gears for extra fun. Three toys combined in one with an easy-carry handle offers extra value. Ref. Code:50063

  • AED 599.00

    Children can learn basic writing skills and general ideas about letters and shapes. Ref. Code:50337

  • AED 599.00

    Children can learn basic writing skills and general ideas about letters and shapes. Ref. Code:50338

  • AED 275.00

    Children can learn basic writing skills and general ideas about shapes. Ref. Code:50340

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