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  • AED 45.00

    Our lightweight aprons are so comfortable, kids hardly know they're wearing them! Each slip-on apron is made of soft, flexible vinyl, so they're extra-comfy and a breeze to wipe clean. Plus, each one has an adjustable hook & loop belt, so every artist is sure to get a perfect fit! Choose from 3 colours. Ref. Code:CG586

  • AED 12.60

    The best tool for drizzling Liquid Watercolour™! Plastic, transparent 1-piece eyedroppers allow young artists to drop paint in tight spaces to create more colourful effects! Customize artwork and create detailed designs. A safer and better alternative to other needle-tipped art tools. Ref. Code:CH12SSD

  • AED 194.25

    Kid-size trays are easy for children to manage and carry. Use as a painting tray or for collage projects, beading and more. Smooth surface with a handy 1,6 cm edge to keep items on tray. 2 each of 6 bright colours: blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow. Excellent for counting, sorting and distributing projects. Helpful for organizing arts and crafts and school supplies. Cleans with soap and water. Stackable for convenient storage. Ref. Code:CHMTRAY

  • AED 103.95

    You’ll always have a sturdy drawing or writing surface at hand with our exclusive Portable Drawing Boards. Take along on field trips, nature walks and more – it’s so easy with the large built-in handle. Holds A4 drawing paper, crayons or coloured pencils with safe elastic bands. No more struggling with clips, clamps or pins. Our boards are ready for your arts and crafts area or anywhere in your classroom today. Secure markers, regular pencils, chalk and coloured pens. Sturdy mdf surface is ideal for holding homework pages to work on. Enhance fine motor skills with drawing and colouring. Ref. Code:CHSCRIB

  • AED 45.00

    A clean, easy approach to painting! No need for paint cups-the paint is in the brush! Simply unscrew the top and pour in the paint of your choice. Wash with soap and water to reuse again and again. Paint won’t dry out while brushes are stored. Tough, flexible nylon bristles create large strokes, dabber effects and more. 24 ml. of paint. Ref. Code:CHSOFTSQ

  • AED 57.75

    The innovatove design of our exclusive divided aint cup lets ypu offer 2 colours at once: one on each side of the cup’s center divider. The holes in the no-spill inner lid guide paintbrushes into the cup and help prevent drips. perfect for projects that only require 2 coulours, as well as for doubling the number of colour choices at the easel. Ref. Code:CHSPLITC

  • AED 152.25

    Create big, beautiful art projects anywhere! Our sturdy plastic mats protect work surfaces and make cleaning up easy - just rinse, wipe, or wash when done. Set of 6 flexible, plastic mats comes in vibrant colours. A classroom essential for painting, stamping or dough projects! L/w: 64,8cm x 47 cm Ref. Code:CHTIDY

  • AED 131.25

    Professional grade, authentic, stretched canvasses are primed with gesso – they’re 100% cotton canvas! Ideal for enhancing fine motor and creative skills in young children. Real canvas encourages self-esteem and adds value to creations. Ref. Code:CHVANGOG

  • AED 266.00

    These extra large reversible fire retardant mats keep mess to a minimum and are ease to clean up. Use on tables to protect surfaces or on the floor to contain spills and stains. Ref. Code:CTCPVC1

  • AED 58.00

    Pack of 5 traditional washing up mops with string heads and wooden handles. Ref. Code:CV1030

  • AED 85.00

    Big hog hair brushes for expansive brush strokes. Pack of 5 brushes 1.25, 2.5, 3.75, 5, 7.5 cm Ref. Code:DA911

  • AED 245.00

    Big hog hair brushes for expansive brush strokes. Pack of 5 brushes 1.25, 2.5, 3.75, 5, 7.5 cm Ref. Code:DA911K

  • AED 35.00

    With short wooden handles. Pack of 10. Ref. Code:DA912

  • AED 40.00

    Pack of 20 chubby brushes with plastic handles. With storage tub. Ref. Code:DA913

  • AED 115.00

    Pack of 20 chubby brushes with plastic handles. With storage tub. Ref. Code:DA913K

  • AED 75.00

    Pack of 50 short handled syntheticsable brushes with fine points, ideal for applying flat colour and adding detail. Includes: 10 each of sizes 0, 2, 4, 6 and 5 of sizes 8 and 10 (0 has the finest point). Ref. Code:DA914

  • AED 65.00

    Pack of 30 round, coloured short handled, hog bristle brushes. Includes: 10 brushes each in sizes - 8, 12 and 18. Ref. Code:DA915

  • AED 55.00

    Pack of 30 round, plain finish, long handled, hog bristle brushes. Includes: 10 brushes each of the most popular sizes – 8, 12 and 18 . Ref. Code:DA916

  • AED 75.00

    A great value Set of 144 economical dispensable synthetic brushes in 6 assorted colours and sizes. Ref. Code:DA917

  • AED 35.00

    Pack of 10 brushes that have been designed for little hands. The short, chubby handles are easy to grip and the special collar prevents the brushes from rolling off tables. Ref. Code:DA918

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