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  • AED 1,071.00

    Build early job awareness with photo puzzles that portray people in a variety of careers. A total of 12 wooden puzzles that are free of racial and gender stereotypes. Each has 8-10 raised pieces that are easy for little hands to manipulate. L / w: 30.5 x 23 cm Ref. Code:PP216

  • AED 227.00

    Inspire discussions about families, transportation, differing abilities & more with our vibrant colour posters! Each ready-to-hang poster has a relatable image that encourages children to think about and explore the unique lives of people, their emotions, the vehicles they use and more.Each pack includes twenty posters, plus a teacher’s guide with activity ideas. Ref. Code:PP257

  • AED 1,484.00

    Now kids can dress up just like grown-ups! Our mix & match costumes fit easily over clothes to transform children into whoever they want to be…plus, there are enough pieces to share—including purses, shawls, hats, gloves & more! 19 pieces in a plastic storage trunk. Fits ages 3 to 5. L / w / h: 44.5 x 35.5 x 34 cm Ref. Code:PP426

  • AED 1,484.00

    Dozens of imaginative costumes all in one trunk! The mix & match pieces have a grown-up look, but they’re all designed for quick & easy dress-up—so they’re perfect for kids. You get a jacket & fishing vest with hook & loop closures, a necktie, a golf-style shirt, hats, gloves & “tools” for pretend repairs, and more. 16 pieces in a plastic storage trunk. Fits ages 3 to 5. L / w / h : 44.5 x 35.5 x 34 cm Ref. Code:PP427

  • AED 66.00

    Each large child-shaped book features 5 accordion-folded pages that can be used for writing and illustrating their stories. Colour the front and back covers with crayons or markers and paste on clothing details with decorative paper. Includes: 12 books, and a guide. L/w: 28 x 21.5cm Ref. Code:R49143

  • AED 906.00

    Colourful images & engaging text help children learn how people are different- and also the same! Ideal as discussion starters, the books in this collection show that kids of all abilities have a lot in common... And help dispel stereotypes with stories about autism, blindness, asthma & more. 12 paperback books. Ref. Code:RA131

  • AED 212.00

    Increase the diversity of your block play community by introducing these figures with differing abilities. They represent both genders and a range of ethnicity. The set includes a girl in a wheelchair, a man with leg braces, a blind lady with a cane, an elderly lady with a walking frame, a hearing impaired boy and a man with forearm crutches. L : 14 cm Ref. Code:RR759

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