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  • AED 405.00

    1.5 kg of green beads with 50 plastic numbers 0-9 in 5 colours. Ref. Code:PP531

  • AED 405.00

    1.5 kg of yellow beads with 52 red uppercase & blue lowercase letters. Ref. Code:PP532

  • AED 405.00

    1 Kg of plastic purple tubes with 25 multi coloured plastic shapes. Ref. Code:PP533

  • AED 250.00

    Add sensory fun to your arts& crafts area with our foam paint - in 5 dazzling colours! Each bottle contains stimulating foam paint... And comes with handy plastic pump. Children just squeeze out a dollop and use their fingers to paint, explore the texture... And mix the vibrant colours. Can be used on construction paper and washes easily from hands. L: 150 mL Ref. Code:PP670

  • AED 445.00

    Kids tilt and turn our liquid-filled sensory windows to guide balls into horseshoes…around pegs…or through the wave maze! With chunky, easy-grip handles, the windows are perfect for small hands to hold and control—helping children boost fine motor skills and concentration as they play. Set includes 3 durable plastic windows. L/w: 14 x 21.25 cm Ref. Code:PP716

  • AED 375.00

    children solve 3 fun-shaped mazes— using their sense of touch! Each maze features a sheer fabric top so kids can easily see the marble as they use their fingers to slide it through the twists and turns. Plus, the mazes increase in difficulty, challenging kids while boosting problem-solving skills and fine motor control! Set includes 3 machine- washable mazes. L/w (frog maze): 21 x 25.4 cm Ref. Code:PP776

  • AED 2,950.00

    Whether it be a cave, a jungle, a time machine or even an underwater submarine, the Indoor/Outdoor Folding Den can be decorated to match any theme. With its unique folding mechanism, the den is simple to assemble and easy to move between indoors and outdoors as required. Made of High quality, durable birch plywood. Easy to move with our unique folding mechanism. Washable blue fabric cover doubles as a sun shade. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (must be stored indoors). Rounded corners and lacquered safety edges. L / w / h : 170 x 112 x 116 cm Ref. Code:PT277

  • AED 110.00

    With this unique white embossed paper, kids can glide & slide fingerpaints over tactile surfaces to create colorful pictures. Raised patterns of dotted grids, wavy lines, circles, arcs & spirals help guide fingers over touchable bumps. 36 sheets, , 6 designs & guide. Ref. Code:R15413

  • AED 425.00

    Develop math, colour mixing and patterning skills with these squishy, glittery animal shapes in 8 different colours. Set of 40 gel shapes (8 of each) & guide. L: 12.5 cm Ref. Code:R35041

  • AED 375.00

    Jazz up early numeracy with 30 squishy, brightly coloured, transparent numbers! The 14 math signs include sparkles to make equations magical. 30 numbers, 14 math signs & guide. Small Parts L: 9 cm Ref. Code:R35043

  • AED 375.00

    Commonly used letters have doubles. Vowels are red. 38 letters, & guide. Small Parts L/w: 12 x 9 cm Ref. Code:R49703

  • AED 276.00

    This center creates a complete Sensory Center by combining four of our best-selling sensory products. This exclusive value delivers our line of incredible and unique effects, all in one Center. Give kids the tools they need to unlock endless tactile experiences through the stimulation of light, sound and movement. Adding the Sensory Learning Center to any classroom is a sure way to take your lesson plan to the next level! L: 40 cm Ref. Code:R59602

  • AED 149.00

    Learning is fun with this Set of translucent games designed exclusively for our Educational Light Cube! Introduce numbers, counting and strategy with a sensory twist. The games are easy and fun for young children to play. Bingo with emoji faces, Tic-Tac-Toe, and a Counting Snake game with character game pieces. 4 Bingo Cards, 72 emoji game pieces, 1 Tic-Tac-Toe board, 25 game pieces (6-X’s; 6-O’s; 8 bug shapes, 5 Topple Counters), 2 dice, 1 Counting Snake board & guide. Small Parts. Ref. Code:R59610

  • AED 375.00

    Each jumbo geometric pad is filled with a combination of liquids that students can shake, & manipulate with their fingers. Lay them on a light table for even more brilliant effects! 10 geometric shapes, & guide. L: 23 cm Ref. Code:R59637

  • AED 365.00

    Our super-sturdy light center creates a safe and inviting space where little ones can build with blocks, explore colour and light, and more! The wooden center features a heavy-duty acrylic panel with a beveled edge—plus a big, LED-illuminated surface that displays 4 vibrant colours…and stays cool to the touch even after extended use. The plug-in unit also comes with an easy-to-use remote control that allows teachers to change or dim the colours at the touch of a button! Accessories sold separately. L/w: 60 x 7.5 cm Ref. Code:RA432

  • AED 289.00

    Exciting textures and bright, eye-catching colours give kids a stimulating, hands-on sensory experience—with every toss! Ten rugged balls feature enticing ridges, tiny nubs, giant bumps and more and they’re all made of tough, flexible vinyl that’s super-easy for kids to grip. Largest diam :12 cm Ref. Code:RE322

  • AED 374.00

    Add a whole new dimension to block play - with colourful windows children can see right through! These sturdy blocks feature transparent acrylic windows in 4 bright colours... Plus smooth hardwood frames that are perfectly scaled to unit blocks - so it’s easy for children to stack and build! Set of 15 blocks L: 14 cm Ref. Code:RE888

  • AED 1,895.00

    Our nature-themed canopy creates an inviting place for children to take a break and enjoy a book! Featuring tiebacks at the opening and a handy tie on top, the mesh nylon canopy can be attached to any sturdy ceiling hook. Seats sold separately. Diam/h (tree seat): 38 x 25 cm Ref. Code:RR790

  • AED 235.00

    These mesmerizing, glittery balls encourage calm and concentration—and they’re super-durable for endless sensory fun! Each watertight translucent ball is filled with liquid that suspends the glitter…kids just toss, roll or shake to make the glitter swirl. You get 6 plastic balls in the 6 colours shown. Diam (Balls) : 7 cm Ref. Code:SE120

  • AED 123.00

    Pile on tons of sensory fun with our colourful cones, cups and scoops - perfect for use with our kinetic sand ! Kids play ice cream parlour as they scoop sensory sand into our kid-Sized containers ... building fine scoops, 8 cones and 8 cups. Sand sold separately Cone L: 7.65 cm Ref. Code:SE210

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